Retirement and Insurance

We recognize the importance of looking towards the future. We believe that assisting your employees establish a retirement plan is an essential component of any benefits program that will help employee retention and satisfaction. We do this in two ways:

On the Corporate level – working with you to establish, design or review your retirement programs including Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution Pension plans, Group RRSP, Deferred Profit Sharing and Individual Pension Plans.

On the Individual level – we work with your employees and executives directly, one-on-one to assist them in planning their own private personal programs to supplement what you and the government are doing for them.

Our Corporate Pension, RRSP, DPSP services include helping you design a program or ensure that the program you already have meets your corporate objectives, as well as meets your employees’ needs and expectations. Any such program must provide good investment return, low fees and ease of administration.

For your employees, we will ensure they:

  • Understand fully what they are contributing to;
  • Are satisfied with the investment return on their funds;
  • Are receiving their statements or receipts on a timely basis;
  • Know how to choose funds which reflect their risk tolerance.

Executive Benefits Programs

Most benefits programs are designed to provide benefits to meet the needs of an average employee, and thus may fall short of meeting the needs of your executives. We provide specialized services to assist your executives to coordinate their benefits programs with their specific financial needs. You will be able to ensure their personal financial needs are well addressed by trusted and committed advisors.

Capital Accumulation Guidelines (CAP)

The introduction of the CAP guidelines has introduced another level of complexity for employers. We help employers adhere to the guidelines and responsibilities that are outlined.
Reviewing investments, monitoring service providers, delivery and cost all require a qualified and licensed advisor. We are your source for trusted advice on navigating the CAP guidelines.

Personal Financial Planning


Insurance Products that Protect You and Your Staff from an Uncertain World

Along with helping your employees build and manage their investments, we can help them choose insurance products to minimize unforeseen financial risk to them and their families, to supplement what you are providing your employees with via the benefits program. The following section provides some input on such products.

Life Insurance

Having the right life insurance protection can make a huge difference in your life, and in the lives of those closest to you. A financial security plan that includes life insurance can ensure you leave your estate financially secure, avoid debts, and provide adequate income for your family.


Disability Insurance

Accidents and illnesses are unfortunate facts of life. Disability insurance coverage is designed to help you protect your ability to earn an income, which can become jeopardized if tragedy strikes.

Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness or condition, such as heart attack, cancer or stroke, can turn your life upside down, often affecting you physically, emotionally and financially. Insurance can protect both you and those close to you from the financial effects of a critical illness.

Health and Dental Insurance

Provincial governments continue to cut back their levels of healthcare coverage, leaving you to pay for expenses such as prescription drugs, eye exams and paramedical services. If you have no access to a benefit plan at work, we can help you build a personal plan that supplements your provincial government healthcare plan.