Virtual and Mental Health Support for you and your Team

November 2020

We wanted to bring to your attention to some free benefits being offered by Provincial Governments across the country. The pandemic and the stress that this has caused has brought mental health to the forefront. These benefits are an important tool to bring to your employees’ attention.

Virtual Health Care
The adoption of Virtual Health Care has gained importance during this year. Some insurance carriers now include Virtual Health Care with their group plans and while others are offering it at an additional cost., Benefits By Design (BBD), one of our suppliers, has created a user-friendly, interactive listing of Virtual Health providers from Canadian coast to coast:

Click here to go to: Provincial Telehealth Resource – An Interactive Map of Canada

Virtual health provides important access to doctors to renew prescriptions, get advice, treat conditions, and discover many other services.

Mental Health Support
Another area of focus during the pandemic are ways to maintain our personal well-being – especially our Mental Health. With so much anxiety and uncertainty arising from Covid-19 circumstances, we want to share some relevant information and services to help support you during this unprecedented time.

Mind Beacon – Covered by OHIP is online Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Learn new skills to strengthen your mental well-being for life, with a trusted therapist by your side. – A non-profit organization with a database of mental health programs available across Canada for people of all ages. The site allows you to search for services including counselling and therapy in your area (some of which are free).

Feel free to share this email with your team, as well as your friends and family members. It’s important and empowering for us to unite in a positive way during the pandemic, so that together and as individuals, we will all emerge stronger… soon!

Should you have any questions or concerns about this or any other aspect of your Group Benefit or Retirement program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.